60t Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Indonesia With Compulsory Concrete Mixer Has Been Installed Successfully

Good news! our 60t stationary asphalt mixing plant has finished installation smoothly in Indonesia! Our engineer and salesman help local operator and engineer install, test run and maintain the asphalt plant, till now, local operator has mastered the operation guidance of stationary asphalt mixing plant! The folloing pictures will show you some details for each part of asphalt plant,

Advantages Of Investing Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant

1. Stable performance;
2. With compulsory concrete mixer, can produce high-quality asphalt;
3. High productivity, suitable for large project.

Type  LB750
 Rated production  60t/h
 Cold Aggregate Bin  4×6m3
 Dry Cylinder  1.3m×5m
 Bag-type Dust-collector  CNM240
 Emission Standard  50mg/nm3
 Vibrating Screen  4 layers
 Hot Aggregate Bin  12t
 Mixing Kettle Capacity  750kg
 Mixing Cycle  45s
 Mineral Powder Tank Volume)  30t
 Asphalt Tank Volume  30000L
 Heat Conduction Oil Stove  200,000 kcol/h
 End-product Container Volume  50t