QT8-15 Block Making Machine Dominica Was Ready To Be Shipped

Morning! Exciting news! Camelway group QT8-15 block making machine was going to Dominica. QT8-15 block making machine has characteristics of high productivity and stable performance, it is equipped with twin shaft concrete mixer, which can produce blocks efficiently. In addition, it can produce many kinds of blocks, such as, hollow blocks, perforated blocks and standard blocks. Once you change the mould, you can get all kinds of finished products! The biggest advantage of this type block machine is it can save cost, because it is under the control of PLC control system. In addition, it also can be customized as mobile type block making machine with wheels, which is convenient for you to move the machine from site to site.

QT8-15 block making machine to Dominica
QT8-15 block making machine to Dominica
QT8-15 block making machine
QT8-15 block making machine
QT8-15 Hollow brick perforated brick Standard brick
Block number / pallet 8 21 42
Block output / 8 hrs 15360 50400 100800
Forming cycle (s) 12-15 12-15 12-15
Product Specification
390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*53