Export Of Four JZC Series Concrete Mixers To Uzbekistan

jzc250 concrete mixerExciting news! In July, 2017, our two JZC250 and two JZC500 concrete mixers were sent to Uzbekistan. From this order, you can learn that our JZC series concrete mixer has enjoyed a good reputation from our customers. Now, let’s have a detailed understanding about this type mixer.

JZC concrete mixer belongs to self falling type, also named concrete drum mixer. When it works, the mixing drum is rotating, the materials will be lifted to a certain height and then materials will drop down by their own body weight. What’s more, it is worth mentioning that when the drum rotates clockwise, the materials will be stirred, while when the drum rotates anticlockwise, the materials will be discharged. JZC series concrete mixer is more suitable to mix plastic and semi-plastic concrete, low-slump concrete and semi-dry concrete. Therefore, it is widely used in small and medium-sized construction projects, such as, road, bridge, hydro-power project, concrete factory and so on. jzc500 concrete mixerAs we all know, there is also another kinds of concrete mixer, compulsory concrete mixer, which also get high praise. Compulsory concrete mixer includes JDC series single shaft concrete mixer, JS series twin shaft concrete mixer, JSS double spiral belt concrete mixer, concrete pan mixer and planetary concrete mixer. They can not only work independently, but also can be the mixing engine in the concrete batching plant. Because this mixer has advantages of good mixing quality and high mixing efficiency.

Consequently, our company has various concrete machines, construction machines and road machines for your reference. Moreover, we will show you excellent products and thoughtful service!

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