Consignment Of Crawler Trailer Pump To Kuwait

caterpillar trailer pumpExciting news here! In June, 2017, our crawler trailer pump is ready to Kuwait. It also belongs to concrete trailer pump, the only difference is that general trailer pump is installed on a towed chassis, while this pump is equipped with crawler and can run in the boskage and wetland freely. Moreover, it can climb without any external force, so it is more suitable for ultrahigh and ulterior pumping in all sorts of complex terrains, such as, water conservancy engineering, tunnel construction, bridge project and so on. Most important thing is that it can rotate 360 degrees by remote control. caterpillar trailer pumpAdvantages

1. Convenient movement. Crawler trailer pump only needs one person to operate and can accomplish transitions in the construction site.

2. Low using cost. It is unnecessary to pay for maintenance and license, for using cost, it is the same as trailer concrete pump.

3. High working efficiency. Under the condition of complex terrain, it can achieve frequent movement and multi-usage.

caterpillar trailer pumpOur CamelwayGROUP has various kinds of concrete pumps: concrete pump mixer, concrete trailer pump, concrete boom pump, truck mounted concrete pump, small type, mini type, diesel type and electric type, etc. What’s more, we have cement mortar pump for housing casting.

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