Camelway JBS30 Electric Concrete Mixer Pump was Exported to Russia Today

Good news! In March 16, 2017, our JBS30 electric concrete mixer pump was exported to Russia.

Camelway JBS30 Concrete Mixer Pump

Camelway electric concrete mixer pump combine the traditional concrete pump and the concrete mixer together, which has the following advantages:

The outlet hole is specially designed as the coarse type, which is wear-resisting and can prolong its service life, the arch broken structure is equipped on the machine which can avoid the concrete plug, insuring the smooth working of the concrete mixer, the hydraulic pipe joints are products of American Eaton brand, insuring the safety and no leakage of hydraulic system.

The main electric elements are from Schneider, the reliability of the electric control system is highly improved. The S valve of the concrete mixer with  pump is cast shape with austenitic managanese steel which has long service life.

Pipes and Clamps of Camelway Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale
Pipes and clamps of Camelway concrete mixer pump for sale
Packing Process of Camelway JBS30 Concrete Mixer Pump
Packing process of Camelway JBS30 concrete mixer pump

User can know the detail of our electric concrete mixer pump from these pictures in this page. Of course, if you want to learn more, and you can click the following message box to leave us a message. Glad to see you, my dear uses!

Delivery of Camelway JBS30 Concrete Mixer Pump for Exporting
Delivery of Camelway JBS30 concrete mixer pump for exporting
Camelway JBS30 Concrete Mixer with Pump was Exported to Russia
Camelway JBS30 concrete mixer with pump was exported to Russia

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