Our Concrete Batching Machine and Belt Conveyor Were Exported to France and Sri lanka

Good news! In March 2, 2017, our concrete batching machine and belt conveyor were exported to France and Sri lanka. Our concrete batching machine is a storage, transportation and weighing equipment, which deliveries sand and aggregate to concrete mixer after weighing, and then it automatically completes the ingredients program of sand, aggregate, cement and other materials according to the requirements of concrete ratio. Our concrete batching machine can mix three or more than three kinds of materials, and it can be used with various types of concrete mixers and other equipment to form fully automatic or semi automatic concrete batching plants. Our concrete batching machine consists of storing system, weighing system, feeding system and electronic control system, which has the advantages of stable transportation, accurate electronic weighing, easy operation, high automation degree, flexible combination and many models.

Concrete Batching Machine Is Exported to France

Camelway Concrete Batching Machine is Exported to Sri lanka

Camelway Belt Conveyor Is Exported to Sri lanka

Successful Cases in France And Sri lanka

These pictures are taken by our workers in packing and delivery of concrete batching machine and belt conveyor on site. As a first-class enterprise in production and sale of construction equipment with thirty years experience, our company has professional e-business team, business team and document team, this can ensure the quality and delivery time for our global users. In the cooperation process with users, we will send the best products to our users in the short time.

Packing of Camelway Concrete Batching Machine

Delivery of Camelway Concrete Batching Plant

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