Continuous Mixing Plant and Concrete Batching Plant Difference

Stabilized soil and concrete are the building materials for projects. The difference between them is that the stabilized soil is mostly used in the grassroots of the road, and the concrete is mostly used in construction projects. Both of them contain cement, the difference is in the proportion of cement used. Therefore, the equipment for producing these two materials is different. One is called , the other is called concrete batching plant.

The followings are some differences between continuous mixing plant and concrete batching plant.

i). Different mixing machine. The continuous mixing plant use the twin-shaft continuous linerless mixing machine, while the concrete batching plant uses the twin-shaft forced mixing machine.
ii). The used amount of cement is different. The continuous mixing plant uses small amount of cement, so it has less cement silos. At the same time, concrete batching plant uses more cement, thus it owns more cement silos.
iii). The continuous mixing plant usually adopts dynamic measurement method with large error; the concrete batching plant adopts static measurement with less error.
iv). Different Applications. The products of the continuous mixing plant are mostly used in transportation projects such as roads and railways. The products of concrete batching plant are mostly used in construction projects.

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