Concrete Batching Plant Position Selction

The following factors that should be considered if you are planning to build a commercial concrete batching plant. ( )

i) The site of the should be close to where the concrete product is sold or used. If a commercial concrete mixing plant is built, the transportation cost directly affects the price and profit of the product.
ii) There should be good transportation conditions near the concrete plant. Consider that the road has sufficient width, height and carrying capacity to reduce the frequency of traffic jams.
iii) The site of the commercial mixing station should be close to the power supply. Because the convenient power supply conditions ensure the power supply demand, reducing the frequency of power outages and saving investment in transmission lines.
iv) The site should be close to the water source to ensure adequate production water. As you know, has a large demand for water consumption, and the lack of water supply directly affects the continuity of production.
v) The terrain of the site should be flat, reducing the cost of leveling the site. If the site has height difference, maybe we can effectively use its terrain.
vi) Regardless of whether it is purchased or leased, the site must have relevant documents such as complete industrial land procedures, environmental assessment procedures, and planning permits.

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