Lubrication of the Concrete Mixer

Lubricating oil pump

  • Recommended lubricating oil for mixer gearbox: MOBIL GEAr 629 or OMALA OIl 150, Oil capacity: 16 litres.

  • The lubricating oil change cycle of mixer gearbox The first time to be used for 50 hours, lubricant need to be change. After that, change the lubricant every 1,000 hours or at least half a year.

  • Recommended lubricant brand for Hydraulic system: DAT25 (Mobil) or TELLUS S46 (Shell), Oil capacity: 10 litres. Change the lubricant every 2,000 hours or at least one year.

  • Lubricating oil pump:NLGI0# lubricating grease for winter use, NLGI1# lubricating grease for summer use. Must be refueled from the oil filter, do not open the pump cover to refuel.

  • Lubricating Parts

    Spindle bearing , Discharge door bearing, Motor base shaft, Motor base pole shaft, Hydraulic cylinder rotating shaft  

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