How to Set Up a temporary Concrete Batching Plant?

Different from the Permanent Concrete batching plant, A temporary concrete batching plant refers a plant that supports specific projects (concrete supplying) with definite timetable of operation in an approved location. The construction of roads, bridges, retaining walls, and other large structures in remote areas often requires temporary batching plant facilities to manufacture portland cement concrete or asphalt cement. Temporary batching plant facilities typically consist of silos containning flsy ash, lime, and cement; sand and gragvel materal storage areas, thwin shaft mixer, above ground storage tanks containning concrete additives and water.

temporary concrete batching plant layout
 A Typical Temporary Concrete Batching Plant

Layout and Design

Temporay batching plants should be properly located and designed to mitigate water quality impacts to receiving water bodies. batching plants should be located away from watercourses, drainage courses, and drain inlets, Batching Plants should be located to minimize the potential for stormwater runon onto the site.

Temporary Batching Plant facilities should be located away from any recreational area, shool, residence, or other structure not associated with the construction project.

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