Do you Have Roller Compacted Concrete(RCC) Plant?

Roller Compacted Concrete(RCC) is a very important material for dam construction and pavement. Of course we can supply RCC Plant. RCC production requires a vigorous mixing action to disperse the relatively small amount of water evenly mixed throughout the matrix. The concrete production can be accomplished successfully using either a continuous mixer or a concrete batch plant. RCC also can be produced in transit mixers. However, the homogeneity of the mixture has to be controlled carefully when using such mixers.

Roller Compacted Concrete

For small jobs where high production rates are less important, our is also suiable for producing RCC, but it is slower than that produce of regular concrete. of regular concrete. The main advantage of central mix concrete batch plants is that the mixing sequence usually can be modified to allow the premixing of the mortar  fraction of the mixture with the chemical admixtures.

For Large Project, we have specialized continues mixing plant which capacity can up to 600 cubic meter per hour now.  continues rcc mixing plant

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