Can Manufactured Sand Replace Natural Sand in Ready Mix Concrete Plant?

Of course, the manufactured can be used in the ready mix concrete plant. Manufactured sand is processed by the sand making machine and other ancillary equipment. The finished products are more regular and can be processed into professional industrial sand with different grades and sizes according to different technological requirements. Compared with natural sand, m-sand has the advantages of:

  • Manufactured sand is more suitable for construction project applications than natural sand. From the raw material point of view it has more multiple mineral ingredients for choosing; from the quality point of view, it has the higher surface energy and hydrophilia properties and a good gradation; from the technical level point of view, high-tech and mechanized production methods ensure the stability and adjustability of m-sand products quality.

    VSI sand making machine

  • Using M-sand can not only save energy and reduce the influence on environment, but also can save raw material costs for customers. Compared with natural sand, it can reduce near 50% cost. Additionally, using high quality m-sand can produce ready mix concrete with a better performance than that made of natural sand and more importantly, the overall cost of ready-mixed concrete production can be reduced by 30% to 50%, which is particularly critical for ready-mixed concrete businesses under the condition of the initial funds is tight and the costs are high.

Camelway Machinery researched and manufactured the new type of with the single motor to produce high quality manufactured sand for ready mix concrete and ready mix mortar fields, which reduce near 50% energy without influencing the quality of the products.

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