Batch Mixers VS. Continuous Mixers

Based on the working principle of concrete mixers, they can be classified into batch mixers and continuous mixers. Generally, batch mixers mainly consist of drum mixers, pan mixers and open-top mixers while the continuous mixers mainly include continuous drum mixers and continuous open-top mixers.

The feeding, mixing and discharging processes of batch mixers go on at a certain time interval means that it produces concrete one batch at a time. Owing to the materials need to be mixed are weighing precisely in advance, its mixing effect is better. Hence, most of engineering projects adopt this mixing principle. The feeding, mixing and discharging processes of continuous mixers go on in a longer mixing drum continuously. Its productivity is higher than batch mixers, but because its material proportions, mixing time are difficult to control, its mixing effect is worse. Therefore, it has fewer applications than batch mixers in concrete production.

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