What is the difference of natural sand and manufactured sand?

Manufactured sand or Artificial sand is one type of material with excellent and stable performance. The raw material of m-sand is specially selected that has the features of uniform and stable elements, so the mineral and chemical composition of manufactured sand are same, but the natural sand elements are complex.

The machine-made sand is clean, contains no mud content and other harmful impurities and has a stable performance.

The grain size gradation of artificial sand is better. One type m-sand has one corresponding fineness modulus. Its fineness modulus is linearly related to the sieve residue of a single screen. As long as you determine and establish the linear relationship and measure a single sieve residue, you can accurately and quickly figure out the fineness modulus while the fineness modulus of one kind natural sand usually has a variety of gradations. Control and regulate the fineness modulus artificially according to production technology and organize the production according to user requirements, which are natural sand can not achieve.

M-sand is the end product of sand making machine within a short time, due to the physical force, the artificial sand has a more regular shape but its corner angle is more prominent. The natural sand is generated after a long-term water impact in river and the sand particle is naturally formed, so it is irregular and contains a lot of fine sand.

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