Should I use Cone Crusher or VSI Crusher as the final Sand Crushing Equipment?

Question: I plan to set up an artificial sand plant and my question is which one is the best machine for final sand crushing.

Well, sir, this is a complex question. The specifications vary from region to region and successful implementation of manufactured sand differs from operator to operator.

Generally, Cone Crusher gives high energy efficiency and capacity, good product gradation, a high reduction ratio and low sensitivity to rock hardness. But in some case, the grain shape will not be very good.

The VSI Crusher is a specialized equipment for manufactured sand making, the sand produced via rock-on-rock crushing is proven to have sound performance in concrete and mortar products. Such sand is well known for its cubical shape and consistent gradation. But the VSI is more sensitive to rock hardness, so in some case, cone crusher and VSI crusher are all used in a m-sand plant.

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