difference and advantage of your Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher vs. other brand

The Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is a general equipment for making m-sand(manufactured sand), It's also called Centrifugal Crusher. Our ZS VSI Crusher is a Single Drive Design machine, That means It can save up to 50% of the energy consumption compared with other brand. ZS is a high performance impact crusher with a vertical shaft and the revolutionary patented twin chamber rotor. The input materials are fed into the large working chamber through the input opening mounted at the top of the machine. Inside the rotor the materials enter the large diameter chamber and are centrifugally accelerated outward impacting against the stationary peripheral impact wall. Size reduction of input materials is determined by pure impact. Following the crushing process materials exit the chamber via the twin exit chutes. The ZS VSI Crusher offers the option to crush materials using the impact wall principle, or as an alternative. The removal of the impact wall and implementation of  the “ROCK SHELF” principle where materials impact on materials.

Advantages of the twin chamber-rotor

The machine offers the following benefits

  1. Size reduction by impact
  2. Impact effects of each single particle
  3. High throughput rates and low risk of clogging due to the large dimension centrifugal working chamber
  4. Easy accessibility and replacement of wear parts
  5. Optimal energy utilization
  6. Maintenance-friendly and wear-resistant design

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