Several advantages of environment-friendly concrete mixing plant

Several advantages of environment-friendly concrete mixing plant

1. Advanced technology, stable and reliable.
2. High efficiency: under standard conditions, ensure 60 seconds to complete a stirring cycle, so that the equipment productivity is higher than 10% of the national standard.
3. Low energy consumption: the aggregate only needs to be upgraded once.In addition, the electric control is designed to save energy, so that the power of the equipment can be saved by 15%.
4. It is the first in China to seamlessly connect GPS positioning, network management, vehicle scheduling and control system of mixing station.Ensure intelligent scheduling command vehicles, arrange production, do every instruction is optimized, so as to save the waiting time of vehicles, avoid human oversight, make the whole process in order(Production, to the site, back to the factory, at the site, waiting for unloading).
5. Composition and environmental performance of environment-friendly mixing station:Concrete mixing station is a full automatic concrete mixing equipment composed of batching device, aggregate conveying device, powder conveying device, water supply and additive system, metering system, mixing system, electric control system and air control system.
6. From the appearance, the material yard, mechanical inclined belt, main building and silo of the mixing station are fully encapsulated, and the internal structure strengthens the effect of dust removal, shock prevention and noise reduction。Sand and stone separator and slurry water recovery system are optional to achieve "zero emission" of production materials in the mixing station (building), efficient and environmentally friendly production of concrete.
The environment-friendly concrete mixing station realizes the factory type full package.No dust discharge, no noise pollution of the surrounding environment;Waste water and fertilizer recycling, no waste water and slag discharge;Modeling atmosphere, beautiful, and the surrounding environment coordination: reasonable planning, high plant greening rate.


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