Advantages commodity concrete batching plant

Advantages commodity concrete batching plant

With the continuous development of concrete machinery industry, commodity concrete batching plant mushroomed continue to emerge. Commodity concrete batching plant is mainly composed of mixing system, aggregate supply system, powder storage systems, measurement systems, control systems and external ancillary equipment.
Commodity concrete batching plant compared to traditional batching plant, a lot of its advantages, the following main points together,XinFeng Machinery to give you specific explanation follows:
First, the good performance
Twin-shaft compulsory mixer mixing ability, uniform mixing quality, high productivity. For dry rigid, semi-rigid plastic and concrete mixing various proportions of good results. Lubrication system, the spindle drive system are using a full set imported hydraulic opening mechanism which can be adjusted according to the discharge opening degree required. Mixing console mixing shaft adopts anti-blocking technology to effectively prevent cement caking on the shaft, shaft seal with a unique multi-sealed structure, effectively prevent mortar leakage and ensure the continued long-term operation of the entire mixing system. Cleaning system uses high-pressure water pump automatic control and manual control,
Each outlet hole is located just above the stirring shaft, stirring improve efficiency, reduce dust pollution and increase water mist effectively remove cement agglomeration.
Second, the delivery device
It may be provided with three to five aggregate storage, the lower aggregate positions for individual and aggregate aggregate weighing hopper release belt as needed. With a loader or belt conveyor to feed aggregate silo. Steel silo can be designed. The lower part of a small warehouse Optional less moisture meter. Aggregate lifting inclined belt conveyor is responsible for the transition to the aggregate storage silo, inclined belt tension using a heavy hammer, reliable transmission angle ≤18 °, it may also be herringbone or trough belt conveyor or bucket elevator on expected to reduce the footprint.
Third, environmental performance
All powdery materials, from materials, ingredients, measuring, stirring the material is fed in a closed state. Blender lid, metering bin cement, fly ash measurement positions are dust discharge pipe is connected to the dust collector, dust resistance set aggregate filler plates, which reduce dust emissions. Fully enclosed main building and stirred belt conveyor structure, greatly reduces the dust and noise may pollute the environment. Negative pressure dust removal and special fiber cloth, so that dust generated during feeding into the dust completely without spread to the surrounding, and the collected dust can be recycled conveniently and effectively protect the environment. Users can also choose to import dust removal system.
In addition to the excellent performance, the concrete batching plant as well as good stirring performance, maintenance and repair parts of the complete equipment maintenance ladder with a platform or to facilitate inspection and maintenance operations, cleaning with a host of red pumps and two manual operations means. Platform floor structure and aggregate belt conveyor fully enclosed structure, to ensure that all operations can be carried out regardless of the weather. In view of the excellent characteristics of commodity concrete batching plant, its market space will infinitely expand over time.

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