(3) Check if connecting bolt on charging bracket is firm. (4) Check if the pilotage of water pump is adequate and pipelines are unblocked. 2. Maintenance after each machinery using (1) Clear off accumulated ash at the inner and outer of mixing barrel, discharging door and hopper, and wash cleanly with water. (2) Stop the hopper at conveying position, well bolt down the break pin, and ensure there are not any foreign objects within hopper. (3) Power off and well lock the electric control box. (4) Inject lubrication oil into each lubrication point as appropriate. (5) Exhaust all the accumulated water within water supply system. 3. Weekly project inspection (1) Check the abrasive condition of steel rope and apply some lubrication oil onto its surface. If the abrasive condition is sever, it is needed to replace steel rope. (2) Check oil level of reduction box and oil volume of oil pump, check the condition of each lubrication point, and inject lubrication oil into hopper roller bearing and roller bearing. (3) Keep water supply device clear to avoid ant blocking. Check and clean suction valve. (4) Check if travel switch arm is loose, if any looseness found, it is needed to make necessary adjustment. (5) Check if there is any looseness between connecting bolt of blade and connecting bolt of supporting arm, then, if any looseness found, adjust as appropriate. Maintain the maximum clearance of 5mm between blade and barrel cylinder wall and screw up if necessary. (6) Check the condition of contactor in electric box. (7) Screw up stopper, check sealing of axle end, and adjust, repair and replace if necessary. 4. Regular project inspection (1) Check and adjust the winch hoist break as appropriate. (2) Check if there is any water leakage in water pump and throttle valve. (3) Check open gear, lubricate oil and adjust the tense of belt. (4) Check the abrasive condition of blade and lining plate, and replace as appropriate. Zhengzhou Camelway Machinery Co., Ltd. Main concrete mixer, concrete mixing station, stabilized soil mixing station, concrete batching machine, concrete conveying equipment, please call to discuss!

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