Installation and Debugging of Concrete Mixing Plant

Installation and Debugging of Concrete Mixing Plant

1, preparation before commissioning

Before commissioning the concrete mixing plant, check the following parts:

(1) to see some of the fastening is not a solid connection, in particular, to see the mixer in the mixing of the mixing blades and stirring shaft is not fastening bolts, the new machine should be re-fastened to view it again.

(2) to see some of the smooth conditions, to ensure that the smooth point of smooth oil (grease), the gear box and electric drum oil in the requested range.

(3) check the console and electrical cabinets in the connector connection without error then leakage.

After the above view is complete, enter the debugging period.

2, unit debugging

As a result of some interlocking between the electronic control system, it is necessary to carry out unit commissioning in the following order: Mixing belt conveyor (discharge belt conveyor) → mixing host → original aggregate belt conveyor (feeding belt) → granule Material belt scale → powder spiral scale → speed screw conveyor → gas system → water supply system. Work together to debug the mechanical system to investigate the direction of the motor operation. If the motor rotation or steering is not the same as the rules, then adopt the inverted phase method to make it forward.

3, the whole no-load test

After all the normal unit debugging, and then no-load test, and after the first manual initiative. According to the following boot sequence for the whole machine no-load test: Air Compressor → Mixer Belt Conveyor → Mixing Machine → Aggregate Belt Conveyor → Granule Belt Weighing Scale → Powder Electronic Scaler → Speed-regulating Screw Machine → Cement Screw Conveying Machine → water supply system.

4, the whole load test

No load test after all normal, and then load the test, and the first manual after the initiative, the first unit load test, after the machine load test. Make sure the pool has water. Cement warehouse Shanghao expected. The pellets are preferably fed after the belt scale is started. Select the cooperation ratio, the various feed recipe settings input microcomputer. First debugging the water supply system, conditioning throttle, the pump output flow slightly larger than the actual use. And then debug the cement metering system to ensure that the cement screw conveyor to reach the initiative to start and stop the situation. The final adjustment of the granule metering system, should be granular storage hopper Doumen opening tune in the mid-range. Speed motor should be above the speed of operation, speed is too high, the door opening to increase the speed is too low, the door opening to reduce.
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