Mixing station can be achieved to control a number of production lines

Mixing station can be achieved to control a number of production lines

With the development of technology, the concrete mixing station can achieve a person to control a number of production lines, the equivalent of convenient and efficient, this paper for you to explain in detail the benefits of this advanced control technology.

New concrete mixing station production line control room together and form the central control room of the entire plant, through the industrial Ethernet to realize on line station remote control, controller and the control unit in the vicinity of the device are arranged nearby, uses CAN bus to realize discrete control to achieve mixing station control a number of production lines. Such changes will bring the following benefits to the enterprise:
1 enhance the corporate image
Centralized office personnel, neat and uniform indoor layout, the remote control system control a number of production lines, let visitors experience to the production line of advanced and discipline in the room a little management control, very easy to the formation of a modern corporate image. 2 save labor cost Original mixing station control room next to the production line, each production line is a control room, a lot of enterprises in order to ensure the production, general control room arrangement of two or more operators at the same time to work, in order to avoid a operators need to temporarily control room unattended operation, also need to experiment personnel between several production lines and visits back and forth, a plurality of production line control system in the control room, a production line only one operator on duty, greatly reduce the labor cost. 3 improve management efficiency Centralized office, scheduling and management of each production line, is the production of tasks in real time grasping, to avoid the original form of some poor information, delays going slow. 4 stable product quality Centralized office, the researchers compared to the decentralized control in the form of the original, more timely about the production situation, of various production lines to make timely adjustments. In addition, any found in production line can also more timely in other production line are solved simultaneously, on the stability of mixed concrete quality is very favorable. Centralized mixing station control system, can achieve a person to manage a number of production lines, the development of concrete enterprises in the future is very favorable.

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