The existing problems of the development of the mixing plant in China.

The existing problems of the development of the mixing plant in China.

At present, the concrete mixing plant is developing towards the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection.After the concrete mixing plant emerged last century, it has been updated for several generations, but there’s still some existing problems in the process of the development of concrete mixing plant.these problems hindered the development of mixing plant industry.I summarized some points to introduce to all of you .

1.The admittance threshold of this industry is low.A lot of the companies environmental protection is not up to the standard.If we invest in a set of ordinary concrete mixing plant,it is about 5 million yuan, and the construction of the same size green concrete mixing plant is about three times more money,therefore,many enterprises do not equipped with the necessary environmental protection equipment.
2.The capacity is excess.The industry competition is intense.It is hard to ensure the product quality.There are common fault on quality, This leads to low industry product price and the profits is close to zero.
3.The policy enforcement is not enough in some local industry and the supervision of the environmental department is not strict. 4. The industry concentration degree is low and lack of leading enterprises.In 2008,the average size of China’s top ten companies are 3.94 million square meters,the total sales of China’s top 10 has only 6% of the sales of the national commercial concrete.In 2013,China's top ten average size are 20.43 million square meters, China top 10 total sales has only 9.3% of the sales of the commodity concrete across the country. 5. The management of the enterprise are extensive.They lack professional management and technical personnel.ERP software and GPS system are gradually accepted by those enterprises, but they need to be further improved.
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