Two curing methods of concrete

1. Greenhouse maintenance: this method is applicable to frame construction
1) a large canopy should be built around the structure with steel pipes and wrapped and sealed with rubber cloth. The canopy should be firmly and airtight and covered with grass belt.
2) when heating with a coal-fired heating furnace, the exhaust pipe of the furnace must be drawn out of the shed and the smoke discharged to the shed.In order to prevent gas poisoning and prevent excessive concentration of carbon dioxide to accelerate the carbonization of concrete.
3) at the bottom of the inside temperature is not lower than 5 ℃, when less than 5 ℃ should be taken to increase coal stove.During the concrete curing period, special personnel will be arranged to inspect the coal stove, add coal and keep the temperature in the shed.
4) there should be a certain degree of humidity in the greenhouse. When the humidity is not enough, water should be sprayed on the concrete surface and formwork or the grass bag covering the wetting dike should be covered.
2. curing of concrete mixed with antifreeze:
1) the exposed surface of concrete shall be covered with adhesive cloth and straw bag, and shall not be watered and maintained under negative temperature.
2) the temperature at the initial stage of concrete curing shall not be lower than the temperature specified by the antifreeze. When the specified temperature cannot be reached and the concrete strength is less than 3.5mpa, insulation measures shall be taken to make the concrete temperature not lower than the temperature specified by the antifreeze.

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