Cement mortar ground construction operation technology

1. Grassroots treatment: first remove the dust from the grassroots, use a steel wire brush and a chisel to clean, remove the mortar skin and ash layer, use 10% caustic soda water solution to brush off the oil on the grassroots, and rinse off the reducing liquid in time.
2. Find the elevation spring line: according to the horizontal line of +50cm on the wall, measure the elevation of the surface layer and spring it on the wall.
3. Sprinkling and moistening: spray the ground base evenly with a watering can.
4. Plastering cake and marking rib: according to the horizontal line of the surface layer bounced on the walls around the room, determine the thickness of the surface layer plastering, and then pull the horizontal line to start the plastering cake, the horizontal and vertical spacing is 1.5-2.00 m, the plane on the plastering cake is the surface layer elevation of the ground.
5. Stirred mortar: the volume ratio of cement mortar shall be 1:2, its dispatching shall not be greater than 35mm, and its strength grade shall not be less than m15.In order to control the amount of water to be added, a mixer should be used to mix evenly and in the same color.
6. brush cement slurry bonding layer;Before laying cement mortar;A layer of cement slurry shall be applied, and its water-to-light ratio is 0.4-0.5. Do not brush the area too large, and use the mortar along with the pavement layer.
7. Cement mortar surface layer: cement mortar is laid immediately after the cement mortar is brushed, and the mortar is spread evenly between the ash cake, and then the wood scraper is leveled according to the height of the ash cake.If the ash cake has hardened when laying mortar, the wood scraper will be scraped flat, and the used ash cake will be knocked out and filled with mortar.
8. wood float rub flat: wood scraping bar scraping flat, immediately with wood float rub flat, from the inside out back operation, and at any time with 2m on the ruler to check its smoothness.
9. Curing: after finishing the ground calendering, spread sawdust or other materials to cover with sprinkling water for curing for 24h, keep it wet, and the curing time shall be no less than 7d, when the compressive strength reaches 5mpa.
10. Wipe skirting board: according to the design drawing, when the wall substrate has plastering, the bottom mortar and surface mortar of skirting board shall be wiped twice.When the wall substrate is not plastered, the skirting board is only plastered with mortar.
11. baseboard with bottom cement mortar: clean the base, sprinkling wet, according to the 50cm elevation line down to measure the baseboard top elevation, vertical line to determine the thickness of baseboard plastering, and then pull through the line, set square, paste ash cake, with 1:3 cement mortar, scraping with a ruler, rub flat, brush wool watering maintenance.
12. plastering layer mortar: bottom mortar plastered, hardened, the top pull line stick stick on the ruler, with 1:2 cement mortar, ash board with ash, wood trowel upward plastering, then scraping ruler board close to the ruler vertical ground scraping flat, with iron trowel gloss, Yin and Yang Angle, skirting board top with corner trowel slide straight gloss.

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