The advantages of zero emission concrete recycling station

The advantages of zero emission concrete recycling station mainly include:
1. Utilize the original sedimentation tank of the mixing station to save investment.
2. Set up transfer slurry silo in the mixing station building to achieve effective saving of heating costs in winter and other advantages.
3. Adopt inclined pipe design to prevent water accumulation and slurry water accumulation, and achieve the purpose of winter use.
4. Use DN50 smaller pipe diameter pipeline line, mud precipitation is not easy to adhere to the pipeline.
5. Adopt automatic water supply metering and stirring system, which is convenient for operation and quality control.
Use waste and waste water efficiently and reuse them.The practice has proved that the concentration of slurry water is controlled within the safe range of 10%, and the balance between the slurry water production speed and consumption speed is controlled, so that the production water of the commercial mixing station is all required for the proportion, and the three wastes and zero emissions are truly realized, and the raw material "particles return to the warehouse".

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