Concrete quality control measures in spring

In spring, the air temperature is dry, less rain and more wind, and the concrete loses water quickly, which is very important for the construction quality control of concrete.In order to ensure the construction quality of concrete, the following measures should be taken during the construction process: 1. The formwork and construction joints of the pre-pouring part of concrete must be watered and wetted;Watering time should not be too long, should be accompanied by pouring watering, ensure that the formwork and construction joints before pouring concrete for wet state. 2. The personnel signing and receiving the concrete receipts must understand the importance of the initial setting time of concrete.When signing for concrete receipt, the departure time of concrete shall be carefully verified. Concrete exceeding the initial setting time shall not be used. 3. Strictly control the slump of concrete.The tester shall test and record the irregular slump of the concrete on site.The admixtures can be added in the same amount as the admixtures used in concrete. If the admixtures can not meet the construction requirements, they must be returned to the mixing plant.It is forbidden to add water to the concrete. 4. It is strictly prohibited to use the pump mortar in the pouring part;Mortar of the same strength used in construction joints shall not be placed in the formwork at one time. It shall be stored in a container and placed in the formwork along with pouring. 5. After the completion of roof concrete pouring, The Times of pretreatment shall not be less than two times. The last time of pretreatment shall be when the concrete surface is slightly marked by hand. 6. The concrete working surface after pouring must have temporary water pipes and special hoses for curing concrete, and the outlet of water pipes for watering should be in the shape of fog or rain, so as to save water and make the concrete fully absorb water. 7. The poured concrete must be watered and maintained by special personnel, and the number of watering times per day should be ensured to keep the concrete surface moist;Temperature more than 35 ℃ when applied wet careless or packages, and should guarantee the hulls and wet. 8. The curing time shall be no less than 14d for the mixed powder, and no less than 7d for the unmixed powder. 9. After pouring the roof concrete, the time for filling and stacking should be strictly controlled, and it is forbidden to pile up materials in a centralized way.

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