Code of practice for the use of asphalt concrete mixers

1. Preparation before work of mixer: The mixer needs a thorough inspection before work.Check whether the fastening screws of each part are loose;Whether there is surplus material in the mixer;Whether the transmission belt runs off;Whether the installation of each unit and auxiliary equipment is correct;Whether the asphalt pipe joint leaks;Whether the electrical system is intact, etc. For the mobile mixer, the front and rear legs should also be lowered after the mixer is in place. Lift the flat truck and keep it in a horizontal position to unload the tires. 2. Related regulations in the operation of mixer: Each kind of asphalt concrete mixer has its use technical regulations, therefore when using, must carry on the operation according to its related technical regulations on the technical specification. When the mixer is started, it generally goes against the material flow.Only when the drying drum reaches a certain temperature can the cold material conveyor and batching feeding device be started. Mixing machine in the formal mixing of finished materials, should first use hot sand and stone pre-mix 2 to 3 times, in order to give the mixer shell preheating. In the formal mixing, should first hot sand and stone powder in the mixer dry mix 10~15s, and then spray asphalt mixing. In the work, the material should be uniform, and prevent the hot silo in the hopper material accumulation too much, the phenomenon of silos, and affect the mix of sand and stone. 3. Shut down and clean the mixer: The mixer will not work on that day, when the machine is stopped, the dry drum, hopper, bin and the remaining materials in the mixer shall be discharged empty; After shutdown, apply diesel or kerosene to clean the asphalt system to prevent blockage of asphalt supply lines and stuck asphalt pump, affecting the next use.

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