he solving process of Common Problems During the Use of the Mixer(10)

The aggregate weighing is not allowed
Fault phenomenon:
1. The aggregate weighing is always too much.
2. The aggregate weighing is always less.
3. The aggregates will be weighed for a while and will be less.
Cause Analysis:
Aggregate weighing error is closely related to fine setting, drop and uniformity of discharge. The fine setting data must be greater than the drop. Otherwise, the fine setting signal has not been output, the drop signal has been sent, and the unloading is stopped.
1. The aggregate is always too much, and it can be solved by adjusting the large drop. After the drop is adjusted, check whether the value is smaller than the fine set value. If the drop is larger than the fine setting, the value should be adjusted accordingly.
2.the aggregate is always more than one, can be solved by adjusting the small drop. After the drop is reduced, the fine set value generally does not need to be adjusted.
3. When the aggregate is weighed for a while, it will be less and less. First, check the uniformity of the unloading, check whether the unloading of the unloading port is stuck, and then adjust the fine setting and the drop.

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