The solving process of Common Problems During the Use of the Mixer(9)

Uneven concrete mixing
Failure phenomenon:
The concrete discharged from the mixer is uneven, and it is a half dry and a half wet.
  Cause Analysis:
If the stirring time is too short, the mixing will be uneven. If the spray nozzle of the mixer is not installed correctly, the water spray will be uneven, and it is easier to make the concrete dry and wet.
1. Check if the stirring time is too short (usually 30 seconds). If the stirring time is too short, the mixing time can be prolonged.
2. Check whether the installation order of the nozzles of the spray pipe is correct. The correct arrangement order is that the nozzles on the side of the drain pump are the smallest, the nozzles on the other side are the largest, and the middle is evenly arranged in the order from small to large.

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