The solving process of Common Problems During the Use of the Mixer(1)

1. Check whether the compressed air detection signal (pressure signal greater than 0.4 MPa) is sent to the PLC, that is, whether I8.0 has a signal. If there is no signal in I8.0, check if the pressure of the air compressor is greater than 0.4MPa. When the pressure reaches 0.4MPa or above, if there is no signal at I8.0, check whether the adjustment of the electric contact pressure gauge is normal or damaged until I8.0 has signal.
2. Check if the stirring signal of the mixing host maintenance protection switch is sent to the PLC, that is, whether I9.7 has a signal.
3. Check if the stop switch on the console is reset and I0.1 has a signal.
4. Check if the power switch of the host is connected, and if there is a signal at I3.4.
5. Check if the host stops pressing the button and I5.2 is connected.

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