The information of HZS25 concrete mixing plant.

How much is a set of HZS25 mixing plant?Is there any other manufacturers of the concrete mixing plant with discharge volume of 1500L?The Snow flake is falling down for the whole morning, the ground is all white.The weather forecast says tomorrow the snow will stop, otherwise we may delay the  mixing plant of our users.Today, a set of conjoined HZS25 concrete mixing plant is officially rolled off the production line and ready to deliver to our customers in Yiyang,Hunan province.It is for the a 12.86 km tunnel construction there.the tunnel adopts double line design and It is one of the key control projects.
HZS25 mixing plant is the minimum model of Zhengzhou Camelway machinery,the theoretical yield per hour is 25cubic meters, actual output is around 18cubic meters.You just need to invest over twenty thousand USD.If it is for the rural market, investing in a small concrete mixing plant is one of the best project to make money, because the equipment is less investment with fast and effective interest in just 1 to 2 months.Because Yiyang customers buy the mixing plant is used for engineering construction,according to their demand, our company recommend our customers use conjoined HZS25 mixing plant.The advantage of the conjoined concrete mixing plant is that if a host fails, it can still produce another host,it will not affect the engineering materials.If the demand is large, the project can open two hosts at the same time, if the quantity is small, you can open a host, the conjoined mixing plant in Camelway company is the best-selling model.
It mentioned before that the concrete mixing plant with discharge volume of 1500L, it refers to the host with JS500 mixer and HZS25 mixing station, the main equipment including PLD800 two warehouse/three warehouse batching machine, JS500 mixer, 1 set 100 t cement silo, 1 set219 spiral, weighing system, electric control system, electrical system, etc.Because we have different names for HZS25.So some may don't understand which half cubic meter refers to what.There are a lot of Henan manufacturers,hundreds of large and small manufacturers , uneven quality and price, the customer can review several more when buying this plant.
Q&A of HZS25
Q1:what is the HZS25 mixing plant?
A:Conjoined mixing plant and doplet mixing plant are different, conjoined HZS25 refers to two 500 mixer on one work platform, with a batching machine and a cement warehouse, and 25 doplet refers to two sets of 25 mixing station plant, in addition to the two hosts, there are two sets of batching machine, two cement silo, etc.
Q2:What is the discharging height of the HZS25?
A:Generally, the discharging height of the main mixer is 3.8meters and 4.2 meters.The mixing plant includes a 0.3meter cement platform.So the usual discharging height of HZS25 is 4.5meters.
Q3:What kind of tank truck should HZS25 matching with?
A:2 truck with 4 cubic meter and 2 truck with 6 cubic meter.

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