Some clients may think concrete mixers after the completion of the just stop on the line, in fact, this idea is wrong, for the timely elimination of security risks of concrete mixer, ensuring good mixer state, so the suspension to maintenance so you don’t often of out some small problems. What should be the attention after the completion of the things?
After the first work, the gate of the bulk cement tank should be closed, and the cement in the screw pipe will be transported out.ststionary concrete plant No residual cement can be left in the tube.. At the same time thorough cleaning machinery and on-site.
Second the concrete in the mixing drum must be cleaned.. The mechanical maintenance of each lubricating point of lubricating oil, the need to protect some oiler.
Third cleaning the parts of the mixing station slurry, ash. Timely cleaning dust, mixing tank and the surface attached to the concrete and concrete oil, prevent dry, clean.concrete mixing plant  After the production, the machine should be cleaned in the remaining concrete of the mixer in time, and the operation switch will be placed in the opening position and shut off all the power switch..

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