With the continuous expansion of city of our country, the commercial concrete mixing plant  has been the rapid development and application of concrete mixing station after a long time of R & D and production, export volume is also rising, concrete mixing station equipment sold in the end have what advantage?
1, high reliability
Concrete mixing station equipment in our country through 20 years of development, equipment performance are in the continuous upgrading,concrete mixer blade with unique high chromium high manganese alloy wear resistant material, shaft bearing and seal form uses a unique multi sealed or airtight, greatly improves the host of reliable performance. Often by shock, easy to wear, such as unloading hopper, transition bucket, etc. the wear resistant steel plate in the strengthening of; ring belt joint vulcanization bonding and service life than ordinary steel riveted growth 3 times, this is to ensure the high reliability of the prerequisite.
2, a higher degree of automation control
All mixing stations with industrial computer control, can be automatically or manually operated, the operation is simple convenient. Control room equipped with air conditioning can ensure the durable electrical elements, function not disorderly in a continuous and reliable. At the same time in the host of the discharge port, batching station hub parts can set surveillance cameras.
3, production capacity is higher
The parallel double station and multi parallel station appearing greatly improve the concrete companies’ production capacity, such as 2 sets of 120 parallel stations can be an annual output of concrete progress to 60 million cubic meters, 3 sets of parallel station can progress to 80 million cubic meters, fundamentally solves the production ability is insufficient restrict the title of most of the further development of the company.
4, high measuring accuracy
Concrete mixing machine  in precise measurement is divided into four aspects, namely, aggregate, cement, water and additives, whether it is weighing of aggregate, powder is still water, weighed, control and signal conversion element are used for inlet element, high precision sensor and the entrance to the microcomputer control, for every single scale weighing or total weight, and fully guarantee the measurement of correct and work function not disorderly.
5, the stirring ability
Double horizontal shafts forced concrete mixer  mixing capacity, mixing average quality, high yield, for dry, rigid, semi dry, rigid, plastic and various ratio of concrete mixing effect is good.

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