Preparing work of the demolition of the concrete mixing plant

When the concrete mixing plant  users to complete this project, to do the next project, it is likely because of the distance from the need to move the entire mixing station in the past, this time first need to mix the concrete mixing plant mixing station, Build mixing station as complex, but also need to do a series of preparatory work, how to do this preparatory work? We will briefly introduce!   The removal of concrete mixing plant is also dangerous than the price, so the removal of the tools and all the safety tools should be done to improve the inspection, check the first step is to clean up the construction site, and then the mixer, batching machine, screw conveyor and Cement warehouses and other equipment inside the remaining clean material, clean up to pay attention to all the power, pay attention to safety; clean up all the connected air supply lines, water pipes are finishing; Finally, power, control The power supply and all the control wires are released.   After the cleaning described above, in the inventory of these devices to ensure that the equipment is complete and intact, the removal must be the presence of professional staff, the best in accordance with the first on the next, the first outside the way after the tear down!

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