How to use concrete mixer safely?

Concrete mixer is a large mechanical equipment, from the safety and efficiency aspects, must be in accordance with the provisions of the process of operation and production, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble, affecting the production and cause staff risk. To this end, as a professional manufacturer of concrete industry, the machine to the majority of concrete mixing plant users to provide the following recommendations. 1. The installation of equipment. The stirrer should be installed on a solid ground to prevent dumping due to ground subsidence. Electric power driven mixer, power distribution equipment should be installed appropriate fuse and grounding device to ensure the safety of electrical systems. 2. Before the operation. Should check the machine and brake is flexible and reliable, whether the wire rope broken wire damage, the protective device is to check whether the clutch and the brake is flexible and reliable, whether the wire rope is broken, the protective device is Complete and reliable, and test run; such as stirring cylinder rotation smooth, not beating, do not run away, hopper up and down the door and flexible, hoop under the cam body is normal, can work; mechanical operation prohibited by hand or other objects Into the mixing tube to fiddle, cleaning and repair work. 3. Homework. In the operation of the mixer, do not let the gravel fall into the running part of the machine, to avoid the parts are jammed and damaged; after the hopper lifted, the hopper is prohibited or stopped, such as must be under the maintenance, should stop Cut off the power, and the hopper hanging with the insurance chain after the prospective. Feed hopper should be slowly put down, so as not to fall too fast, damaged parts or failure; before the material can not be no reason to stop, but can not start feeding, feeding capacity can not exceed the specified capacity. Before the hopper is not stopped, no feed; prohibited overload. 4. After work. After the mixing work, to clean the mixer in time to prevent concrete agglomeration. When cleaning, to prevent electrical equipment damp. Cleaning work must be carried out after the power to prevent electric shock; the operator must enter the mixing tank for cleaning or maintenance, should strictly control the power to prevent accidents; when the mixer full load operation suddenly power failure or failure, Apply the manpower to remove the contents of the mixing cartridge, and then check or repair; not allowed to start the mixer at full capacity, to prevent the start when the current is too large and damage the motor.

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