The consequences of feeding fault for concrete mixer

1.The sensor assumes that there are questions, the number will continue to flash up and down.   2.Some machines can be set up the computer, usually in the debugging interface, there is a fine set can be transferred, fine set means: For example, you set the target value is 1000KG, set the default value of 300KG When it is marked when the door called 700KG on the initial off, in the initial closed door to the door completely closed in the process of the alleged material is not only, then may be down to 900KG, there are 100KG with fine The door was initially said. The more you set the fine, the more accurate, said the material will be longer, so to call the fine and said fast, it is necessary to debug a good.   3. There is a drop in the debugging, it is also related to the degree of accuracy, it means that the meaning of the amount ahead of time. That is, when my drop is set to 20, the target value is set to 1000KG, when the fine to the final 980KG fine when the door is closed, but in the process of closing the door is how much you adjust again Of the value, assuming that after all, is 1010KG, your gap should be adjusted to 30. Assuming that after all, is 995KG, your gap should be adjusted to 15.   4. There is a relationship to the degree of accuracy is set to fault planning. Assuming you set the value of the larger, the greater your fault, assuming that you set the 3KG plan, then your target value is set to 1000KG, as long as the call to 997KG to 1003KG within the end of the weighing process.   5. After all, is your fine when the door of the pulse of the time to adjust, meaning that is fine when the door from the time to start the initial time off! Usually 0.5 to 0.10 seconds.

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