The Technology of Screw Conveyor of Commercial Concrete Plant

Commercial concrete mixing plant is also the production of commercial concrete mixing station must be strictly controlled, timely supply and more demand. Commodity concrete mixing plant production control factors in the output of the material is very important, the screw conveyor is the material of the conveyor equipment, the previous section, we talked about the screw conveyor to the powder material, material handling quality problems. There are many reasons for the occurrence of blockage of the material, the space of the material conveyed by the screw conveyor is a very important material; the intermediate suspension bearing is easy to plug the material.   The working temperature of the screw conveyor is usually -20 ~ 40 ℃, the temperature of the conveying material is generally -20 ~ 80 ℃, the screw conveyor suitable for horizontal and small angle arrangement, inclination to not exceed 15 ° is appropriate, such as the tilt angle is too large Please use GX tube screw conveyor, or contact with our technical department for a separate design.   There are many reasons for the occurrence of obstruction, the space for conveying the material of the screw conveyor is a very important substance; the intermediate suspension bearing is easy to clog the material. Plug screw conveyor is the most common fault, and serious burned motor, easy screw shaft material winding; broken, screw shaft, affecting the normal production. Blocking the light will affect the output to increase power consumption, to prevent the screw conveyor blockage, can take the following measures:   Reasonable choice of various screw conveyor technical parameters of the screw conveyor, screw conveyor and other slow speed can not be too much.   Increase the port of discharge or long trough at the end of the nest of the poor or too late to nest. At the same time, also installed a short mouth of the discharge slot of the blade, to prevent the end of the sealing material. Open an attempt to prevent the valve from closing the cap at the end of the discharge. Try to prevent clogging, due to the accumulation of material, the top open door with the trip switch to cut off the power. Install the silo material and prevent the sensor, automatic control and alarm.   Strict implementation of the operating procedures, so that no-load start, no-load parking; dosing device mobile pump to ensure continuous feeding evenly.   The necessary cleaning material is transported to prevent large-scale mixing or fiber impurities caused by the insertion machine.   To minimize the lateral size of the intermediate crane bearings, the concrete mixer U-shaped mixer to reduce the possibility of sealing material through the intermediate bearing.  

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