The difference of the use between the black cement and white cement in the batching plant

The difference of the use between the black cement and white cement in the batching plant It is known that the majority of cement are black, and occasionally we can see the white cement,  what is this white cement in the end and What is the difference between black cement and white cement? White cement is short for white portland cement.It is with the appropriate ingredients of the raw material and burn it to partial melting, obtained the calcium silicate as the main ingredient,  with less iron content and adding a small amount of gypsum, and grinding and made into white hydraulic cementitious material. When grinding cement, it is allowed to add not more than 5% limestone of the weight of cement. White cement is mainly for decorative use and its manufacturing process is much better than ordinary cement. It is mainly used to hook the gap of white porcelain, generally not used for the wall, the reason is that the strength is not high. There is white cement for sale in the building materials market or decoration materials store. The typical characteristic is that it has a very high degree of whiteness, and the color is bright. Generally used for a variety of architectural decoration materials, painting, sculpture, a typical floor, terrazzo.White cement can be used to produce white and colored concrete and is the largest cement production decoration. According to the characteristics of raw materials ,Black cement can be classified into natural cement and clinker cement (clinker is made of lime and clay according to the product need ratio calcined under high temperature) and non clinker cement (using fly ash and blast furnace slag and other industrial wastes or natural volcanic ash and lime, water glass and other alkaline activator and according to the proportion of pulverized gypsum, without calcination of cement). The normally used iin the concrete mixing plant is the black cement,Please note this point. Click here for concrete mixing plant: http://www.zzxfjxwm.com/products/Concrete-Mixing-Plant.html   Click here for forced mixers: http://www.zzxfjxwm.com/products/Concrete-Mixer.html  

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