How to maintain the machine of concrete mixing plant--Maintenance 2

Maintenance 2

Mixing System Maintenance

Mixers maintenance See "JS series twin-shaft mixer Maintenance Manual", but pay special attention to the following points: 
1, class inspection shaft seal chamber, and seal the distributor and export pipeline is smooth, whether full of grease all lubrication points and gear box if there is enough lubricant (grease). 
2, each class to observe electric grease lubrication pump oil barrel are empty, near-empty to fill in time, does not allow non-oil operation. 
3, class work shift must be fully clean up inside and outside the mixing tube, discharge doors, etc. The product material, and rinse, rinse dirty adhesive material to chisel out regularly. 
4, weekly stirring blade adjustment must be tightened again in order to prevent accidents caused by leaves fall off. 

Powder for system maintenance

1, week must cement warehouse roof dust means vibrator repeatedly, cleared away the dust bag sticky gray (filter rod), make sure to run the gas flow. 
2, the inlet duct wall, screw conveyor discharge port must be comprehensive clean-up once a week to prevent hard caking and debris lay a trap and a lack of material failure. 
3, a long time do not use the need to vent cement inside the screw.
4, the outer ball bearing screw conveyor head office, at the central support bearing grease must note once every four hours (WAM screw conveyor without greasing), the tail gearbox oil change first time was 500 hours, later replaced annually a grease (lithium grease No. 00)

To be continued......

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