The wear and service life of the forced concrete mixer blades and the cylinder liner plate.

I learned this online that in the process of the construction of a domestic hydropower station,they need a lot of concrete, according to the requirements of the project,they built three concrete mixing floor,and one is used to stir free-fall mixer, the other two are double shafts forced type mixer.From a long time, the use of the forced mixer has good working performance and mixing quality.It can adapt to the dam concrete, construction concrete and the requirements of the roller compacted concrete to achieve the purpose of high quality and high yield.
  Zhengzhou Camelway Machinery have complete models of concrete mixer with the capacity of 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 3cubic meters using their independent research and development.They can meet the needs of different users.Concrete mixer can be used alone or to match with the batching machine to a mixing plant unit.When the concrete mixer is operating,the sand, cement were rolling in the cylinder,there are certain friction with the cylinder,after a long time, the parts will need to be replaced.The wear of the double shafts forced type mixer is even more serious.The main wear parts are in the blade edges and the bottom of the cylinder liner.Years of using practice shows that if choose appropriate blade and lining material, optimal designed geometry shape and the best feeding sequence, it can greatly improve the wear resistance.
  Concrete mixer blades and lining material choose high chromium white cast iron and the surface hardness HRC = 73-78.The stirring arm cylinder side wall uses wear resistant manganese steel lining board.The use of it shows that the lining board and the service life of the vane and the aggregate type have something to do with its hardness and blade and installation quality and it is related to the gap between plate.The gap is big, easy to entrainment aggregate and have hard grind, the wear will increase accordingly.Generally, 2-3 mm gap is the most ideal distance, usually ,the maximum is no more than 15-20mm, under the general good condition, each plate and blade’s average life cycle can produce 10 cubic meters of concrete.
  Today, Zhengzhou Camelway machinery has successfully occupied the market both at home and abroad.Over the past year, hundreds of sets of concrete mixers were put into use around the world, they were exported to Oman, the Philippines, Indonesia, Uzbekistan,etc.At the same time, Camelway machinery set up the ministry of foreign trade which specialized in foreign trade orders.We will send our engineers to our customers’ site for installation, commissioning to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.   

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